Templemore College Establishes the Jerry O’Shea Scholarship


Templemore College is delighted to announce the establishment of the Jerry O’Shea Scholarship for a number of PLC students in the College.

The Jerry O Shea Scholarship originated from Jerry’s passion for education and the conviction that education is not only indispensable when it comes to making a living, it is also vital regarding self esteem, free thinking, and being responsible for oneself as well as the well being of others. This scholarship is testament to Jerry’s lifelong pursuit of knowledge and his belief that the only limitations in life are those we set for ourselves.

Each Scholarship will provide a bursary of €500.00 on an annual basis to fund fees and other expenses associated with being a full-time student in Templemore College of Further Education.

Conditions for receiving the Jerry O’Shea Scholarship

All applicants for the Jerry O’Shea Scholarship must:

–        Be registered on a full-time PLC programme in Templemore College of Further Education on September 30th of the relevant year

–        Complete the Gerry O’Shea Scholarship application form

–        Provide a statement, in writing, (not more than 200 words) of the reasons why the scholarship is important for the completion of her/his studies

–        Return the application form and the statement by the closing date on the application form (usually two working weeks into the month of October each year).

Note: Receiving this Scholarship will not affect your SUSI grant support.

For further information please contact the College by phone 0504 31007.