Film & TV Production 5M18519

Film & TV Production 5M18519

For Whom

This is a 1 year full time course for Leaving Certificate students or adults- designed to provide an introduction to film, radio and TV programme making and editing.

Employability Statement

Graduates can work in a range of positions in a variety of media environments- TV, Film or Radio, work as an independent film/movie maker, work in community or commercial radio stations.

Main Areas of Study

Media Analysis Editing for TV and Film Communications
Work Experience Radio Programme Production (includes sound editing) Digital Movie Processing
Film Production Word Processing

 Education Progression

Graduates of this programme have the option to progress to one of two Level 6 courses on offer in Templemore, the first is in Film and TV Production while the second is Animation and Film Production. Alternatively there is a range of higher education options including the Broadcast Screen ProductionCourse in LIT, TV andMedia Production inCarlowInstitute of Technology, and Film and Screen Media at UCC.

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