Creative Media 5M5048

Creative Media 5M5048

For Whom

A course for Leaving Cert students or adults who have an interest in art, drawing, film, computer graphics, digital animation, digital video editing and the craft of film production.  The programme is provided in an iMac Lab with industry standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite CS6 – Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition and Dragonframe software.

Educational Progression

Level 6 award in other Further Education Colleges.  Students can gain entry to a wide range of courses at various Technological Universities.  There are reserved places in SETU for TCFE graduates.  Students can also access the Higher Education links scheme.

Employability Statement

Employment in the digital media sector in either the form of contract work or through direct employment within this industry. Jobs can be sourced in areas of digital media such as graphic design or animation and in areas of production for radio, film and television.

Main Areas of Study

Cinematography Lighting Skills  Film Production Computer Illustration Graphics
Image Processing Work Experience Television & Film Editing
Health & Safety Communications


Registration fee €50

QQI exam fee €50 exempt for medical card holders.

Employment Opportunities

Employment in the digital media sector in either the form of contract work or direct employment.  Jobs can be sourced in graphic design, animation or film editing.

Every effort is made to ensure accurate website information; to clarify or confirm any content please contact us. You’ll also be able to verify course content and ask questions at your pre-acceptance meeting.