Céim Eile Mission Statement

Céim Eile aims to promote a respectful learner centered environment which inspires and encourages young people towards each stepping-stone in life.

Aim 1

To promote a learner centered learning environment.


• To provide a range of support services such as, learning support, advocacy, mentoring, counselling and guidance, for learners, which will assist them in achieving their goals.
• To provide a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which will promote learner development and growth.
• To provide a safe learning environment

Aim 2

To inspire and encourage learners to participate actively in society.


• To encourage and support learners to broaden their horizons and to recognise and avail of progression options available to them.
• To provide support for literacy which includes reading, writing and digital, numeracy and career guidance.
• To provide a work experience programme which will provide learners with the skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace.
• To promote a range of teaching methodologies which will enable the programme to maximise learner potential.

Aim 3

To foster a holistic approach to education.


• To promote an ethos of caring, respect and hard work among learners, staff and between staff and learners
• To develop confidence and self-esteem among learners
• To promote and support well-being throughout the centre.

Aim 4

To promote and encourage the personal and professional development of staff.


• To provide an atmosphere of collegiality and team work which will encourage professional development and open and honest communication
• To provide opportunities for staff to avail of in-service activities
• To encourage the development of new teaching methodologies
• To have regular team meetings enabling staff to contribute to the on-going development of the centre

Aim 5

To develop and maintain links with a range of agencies to enhance and support the work of the centre.


• To provide opportunities to develop relationships between parents/guidelines and the centre by encouraging involvement and integration.
• To encourage links between agencies, statutory bodies and communities at local and national level