Erasmus Blog 2019


Our first cohort of Erasmus+ students left this morning for Tenerife in Spain. These students will be taking part in work-based learning programs in Puerto de la Cruz for 3 weeks. This is a great opportunity for Templemore College students to professionally develop in their VET (Vocational Education & Training) area in a European education and training system. This project is fully funded by Leargás through the European Union.



The students have settled in well and are preparing the locals for the Murgas Los Trinkosos 2019. This is a famous festival on the Canary Islands. The make-up is a huge part of the tradition and every year the look of the different groups is kept top secret which is why we are only allowed to post the pictures now. The students are really enjoying the experience and are working hard (most of the time)!!

The students also did a workshop with local make-up and beauty students in Ma Perez Trujillo Vocational College. This experience would not be possible for our students without the funding of the Erasmus+ project which is funded by the EU and administered in Ireland by Leargas. #ErasmusPlus#EUvocationalskills #leargas

Today all six of our group want in the minibus to an old disused school to where the Men’s Choir have their base. We all set up our work stations.  Luckily I brought my face paints as they did not have enough of the correct blue colour. We were able the share my brushes and face paint. Everyone worked very hard and we got all the men and two children’s faces done on time for them to go to their competition in Santa Cruz. Some of the men were clean-shaven but some of them had beards. It was harder to paint the ones with facial hair. Painting the straight lines was harder on the beards, but we succeeded.

We pulled out the Erasmus Flag and got a photo taken!

We painted about fifty-five faces! We all went in a minibus taxi back to our Hotel about 6.45pm very tired and sore but happy that we had achieved our task and got all the faces painted in time for the Choir to go to Santa Cruz for their competition.

We went for a long walk down to the other end of the port and look at lots of shops. Warm and windy with black sand, blue sky, blue sea and white surf.



After a while all seven of us decided to get a taxi to the big shopping centre, Alcampo, to see if we could find some makeup brushes. The taxi cost €6.50 for all seven of us! There was an amazing shop called Chinatown the shop sold everything! We found and bought a few makeup brushes there and came back happy.

Laura and Carlo came and collected us all ten of us and Ann,  one of the teachers from Templemore and they took us to visited a Vocational college where we visited the beauty therapy department and hairdressing department.


We all met the students and tutors in the two departments. It was a very interesting college. It was a very interesting time at the Beauty Therapy department at this College and to see how this department works in another country. This Beauty Therapy department works the same as in Templemore College. Although we were surprised to find that there were a few male students studying Beauty Therapy there!

This evening we went to the old disused school again. This is where we did the makeup for the male Choir Trinkosos for the finals in their competition for this evening. We had to do their makeup as ‘’girlies’’! Laura gave us a demonstration of how she wanted the makeup applied.


We all worked well as a team. Some of the group applied foundation, base eye shadow, did countering, applied highlighter and mascara on the men from the Choir Trinkosos. We lost count of how many faces that we did. It was a bit like a production line!

When we had finished the demon faces, we changed into costumes and painted our faces. We were able to go in the Carnival parade too.  We walked in the parade with the choir Murga Los Trinkosos.


While walking in the parade, we noticed that families were involved in the Carnaval and the parades.